Saturday, June 11, 2016

Ghost Pepper Aglio Olio From Ah Bong's Italian

Ghost Pepper Aglio Olio

Ah Bong's was running this ghost pepper pasta at the old Tiong Bahru stall today. It was spicy enough to provide a residual burn, but also overpowered the dish to the point where it just wasn't as good as his other stuff (and that's after adding the $1 bacon option to try to give it more taste). The service today was also the slowest that I'd ever seen from them. Maybe they're diverting more attention to their new shop near Bugis now.

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Unknown said...

Hi, I am so sorry we failed you in both aspects. We were a little swarmed on Saturday, but will definitely work on yr feedback. Pop by to our new outlet if you have time and try some of our other foods.sincerely, chris