Thursday, March 10, 2016

Yin Xiang Cao Yuan in Xiangmihu, Shenzhen

Mongolian Yurt

I've gotta admit, that place was borderline tacky, but I had a great time. Why? It was a Mongolian place, complete with those Mongolian huts as private dining rooms as well as that salty milk tea. And the food was pretty good too (6068 Shennan Avenue, 0755-83708163).


Sure, it featured some entertainment, which one would normally be a huge warning sign. But I liked nearly every dish that they brought out, including of course some nice fatty lamb ribs, some chuanr, as well as a tasty lamb innards soup.

Chuanr and Homemade Tofu

Other items of note included a homemade tofu with a mildly spicy soy-based dipping sauce. And interestingly, the chopsticks featured some wooden disposable tops that you had to screw in (apparently this is more of a Shenzhen thing than anything). Anyway, I had fun, and that was worth coming to.

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