Thursday, March 10, 2016

Four Season Coconut Grove in Shenzhen

Coconut Chicken

Shenzhen, being a town composed largely of domestic migrants from all around China, doesn't really have any uniquely local food, I was told. One exception, however, could be "coconut chicken." Now, it's not the shredded coconut-encrusted and fried (or even curry-based) chicken that you are likely thinking of. Instead, it's more of a coconut water-based hotpot featuring cuts of chicken, as well as other items that you would typically throw into Chinese hot pot, like sliced beef, tofu, and veggies.

It was a bit odd at first, as the coconut juice was sweet, and the bone-on chicken was a bit annoying to eat (the dipping sauce was nothing more than soy sauce, chili peppers, ginger, and calamansi). But I have to confess that this grew on me, so much to the point that I was slurping up the soup after a while, and perhaps not just because it was freezing cold outside either. Sure, I guess I'd get that again. I am still not sure how it developed, and I'm told that there are better places in town, but this outlet at Wongtee Plaza was in a convenient location today (168 Fuhua Third Road L1-20).

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