Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Qin Restaurant in Shenzhen, China


We needed a quick bite for lunch today, and this was the first place we saw at Wongtee Plaza (168 Fuhua Third Road L1-29, 88356969). They had a picture of some little fish sitting in a pot with green chili peppers looked pretty good, so we ordered that along with a few other items.

The good thing was that it was nicely seasoned, and those little catfish were surprisingly tender without having to fuss with little bones. Still, it was a freshwater bottom feeder, and you could taste it. No huge need to order that again.

I will, however, come back for the lamb ribs, which were deliciously fatty and loaded with cumin (this place seems to specialize in northwestern Chinese food). Other highlights included some kind of three-colored noodle as well as some jelly cake thing, all of which were spicy and good enough to get again.

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