Tuesday, February 02, 2016

A Fat One BBQ Steamboat Van in Kuala Lumpur

Fat One BBQ Steamboat Vans in KL

I noticed this peculiar-looking truck last time I was up here in KL. As curious as I was, I just didn't have the stomach space to try it last time, so I made sure to stop by tonight to see what the heck it was. Apparently there is a huge fleet of these vans around the Klang Valley, serving skewers called lok-lok.

I had no idea how it worked. The guy said to grab some sticks (of veggies, tofu, meatballs, etc.) and shove it in one of the communal pots of boiling water, after which one could put on some satay sauce, dark sauce, or spicy sauce. I fumbled around a bit, trying to hold a bunch of sticks in one hand without dropping food, breaking a skewer, or getting sauce all over myself while standing. Fortunately it all went fine, but none of it particularly wow-ed me (one of the pots, BTW, was tom yum flavor, but unfortunately it was sweet).

Towards the end, I realized that the guy also manned a deep fat fryer and a grill behind the truck, for which one could pick things like bak kwa or sausages. Of course, this was much better...and one surprise gem was a skewer of baby crabs, which basically became sawagani-on-a stick, if you will. Too bad his "spicy" powder was hardly spicy at all though.

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