Sunday, August 02, 2009

Mongolian King BBQ, Lorong 13 Geylang

Mongolian Pancakes, Skewers, and Pickles

That was totally unexpected. We were actually on our way to get some quick bowls of Shaanxi cold noodles when we passed by this stall (1 Lorong 13 Geylang) selling what was allegedly Mongolian food. I've never been to Mongolia before, so I have no idea how authentic this was, but apparently this guy came from Mongolia and just setup shop here in Singapore only a few weeks back. There wasn't a single customer in sight, and yet something inside me really wanted to give it a try. I'm glad that we did.

It was a bit weird at first, as he gave us a milk tea that was slightly salty, and in fact had a bit of oil floating on top. Only after digging around a bit did we realize that that was the proper Mongolian way to drink tea, and that sometimes rice and noodles are even added to it. Then we got some kind of pancake-like things that were stuffed with minced mutton. It was a bit like a local murtabak, but smaller and simpler. It came with a number of condiments, including two types of chili sauce and a salted raw garlic puree, which made those things very easy to eat.

Finally, we got some skewers reminscient of the Xinjiang variety, but this guy grilled them in less than a minute, and also minimized the seasonings, thus making them a bit more guilt-free than LDM around the corner. There wasn't too much else on the menu, but there was some kind of Mongolian porridge and dumplings that will be worth trying next time (yes, I'm coming back). And no, despite the name, there wasn't any Taiwanese Mongolian BBQ to be had.


Kelvin said...

My world just came tumbling down around me! You mean they don't have Mongolian BBQ in Mongolia??!?!


Jessica said...

If I'm not wrong, the milk tea that you had may have some butter in it.
I remember watching Andrew Zimmern in Harar, Africa where his coffee was served with butter. Yuuummmmm!!!

But then again, Africa is kinda far from Mongolia...And tea is obviously not coffee.

Anyways, just thought of it when I saw your post. Awesome food blog (=

Anonymous said...

There is Mongolian BBQ in Mongolia but it is an import of a chain from the US. You can find BD's mongolian BBQ in places like Bethesda, MD. They opened a branch in Ulan Batur about 7 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Mongolian BBQ is not what we eat here. No chef cooking noodles with assorted ingredients - they haven't even heard of that and the one US restaurant that opened last year disappeared in 6 months. Real Mongolian meat cooked in a wood container surrounded by hot stones till the meat is melting is one type of BBQ. Mongolian meats are outstanding quality and cheap. Cooked in a variety of ways.

Anonymous said...

BTW - the dumplings are called "Bansh". The skin is a bit thick and chunky mince. It's served with sour cream.

Anonymous said...

Was planning to hit up Mongolian King this evening but a call to the operator confirmed its move to Chinatown. It's now along Smith Street.

Contact Hai Yi at 93807300 for the full address.

More info at