Friday, December 26, 2008

The Geylang Skewer Shootout: Lao Xinjiang

Xinjiang skewers

I finally made it back down to Singapore's Geylang district tonight to check out that third Chinese skewer shop that was discussed earlier this week. Located across the street from Lorong 9's Famous Beef Kway Teow shop, Lao Xinjiang had a huge menu (206 Geylang Road, 6842-3007). But I stuck to the skewers, picking up just a sampling of the basics to get a quick taste.

Unfortunately, I wasn't a big fan. While definitely still edible, the seasoning on these was a bit too boring for me, and I would have liked the meat to be just a bit more scorched too. Among the three skewer shops, I like Xiao Ping the most. His seasoning is deeper in flavor, his meat is of higher quality, and his cooking is more attentive. I still plan to head back to LDM to check out some of its other items too, so by no means has it been dismissed. But I definitely prefer either of those two to this Lao Xinjiang place.

Speaking of which, I'm starting to realize that these skewers should probably be more appropriately called Xinjiang skewers. I've never been to Xinjiang before so I have no basis for comparison to what is authentic. But Xiao Ping still tastes the best to me, even if his establishment is just a tiny little hawker stall.


Kathy said...

Xiao Ping's been closed for a month now. Do you know if they have moved or something? I hope it's not for good.

bma said...

Oh geez - really?? I guess LDM will have to do for now then (they have dumplings there too, BTW). Let's hope that Xiao Ping surfaces soon.

Anonymous said...

Having been based in Shanghai for the past 4 years, I've had my share of Xinjiang lamb skewers (ie. "Xinjiang Yang Rou Quan")and I've got to say that the yummiest one I've had was from this vendor in front of a bar called the Beaver. His skewers are always perfectly seasoned and a bit charred around the edges, giving the meat a special smoky flavor.

Another place that has good Xinjiang food is Uigher.

My friends and I will be going over to Xinjiang for the summer holidays and I'm pretty sure that I'll OD on the lamb skewers there. Heh.

If ever you're in Shanghai, and fancy some good Xinjiang food, drop me a line.

Enid Coleslaw said...

Hey, thanks a lot for this post...I just went to LDM last night and really enjoyed it. The dumplings were quite excellent.

I was just wondering, are there any Xinjiang dishes at Lao Xinjiang? I was hoping to find some at LDM but from what little I know the menu seemed to be a fairly standard northern Chinese one.