Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lamb Skewers on Wujiang Road, Shanghai

Lamb Skewers

One of the other things featured prominently on Wujiang Road were all of the stalls selling skewered meat. There were tons of vendors, each with a huge array of items including whole fish on a stick. There was one stall (next to a Chicken Hot Pot outlet, by the way) in particular with a very long line, so I hoped that meant that it was the best. I patiently stood in line for 35 minutes to get my order of six lamb sticks for RMB 10 (US$1.50).

The meat ended up being much more tender and greasy than Xiao Ping back in Singapore, but it was also much saltier. In that sense, I preferred the earthy spice mix of the Whispering Man, although I really couldn't complain as I still cleared them all within minutes. I wonder how much the other stalls differed from this one.

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Kathy said...

There's a Xinjiang roast skewers place just a stone's throw away from Mongkok Dim Sum in Geylang. Their spice mix is interesting. A little bit like Whispering Man's but heavier and more pungent with liberal sprinkling of paprika like pepper flakes.