Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Samseong Wonjoyang Gobchang in Seoul, Korea

A Plate of Offal

I have no idea if that's really the name of this place (133-6 Cheongdam-dong, 02-545-8895). But it's what Google Translate spat back at me when I pasted it in, so let's assume that it's right. Anyway, I only came across this when walking around Gangnam-gu last night, noticing a huge line outside. When I asked the local team about it today, they said that it was a place famous for its good tasting tripe. I thus stopped by for dinner tonight, as it was on my way back to the hotel.

So it wasn't actually tripe, but rather large intestines...from a pig, I believe. And they were deliciously fatty and crispy. Best of all, they had some kind of hot filling inside that oozed out when you bit into it. Presumably it wasn't any kind of "natural" filling, but rather some kind of silky smooth liver puree or something. It didn't taste so organ-like that it was annoying, but instead was rich and tasty enough to make it really fun to eat.

And that was pretty much the story for the rest of the plate too, which I believe had some sliced liver or some other kind of organ meat. But I couldn't confirm if it really was liver because it hardly tasted like the mushy iron-like thing that I normally despise. This meal finished with a seaweed rice thing that they spread across this hot plate before it turned into an awesome piece of crispiness. That was well worth the 30 minute wait out in the freezing cold while waiting for one of the eight tables of four in this little place to free up.

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