Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Malaysian Lou Sang at Meng Kee in Shah Alam

Malaysian Lou Sang

With Chinese New Year approaching, a colleague of mine in the KL office asked me if we were doing a lou sang with the team while I was up here. I was a bit confused when I heard that. Did he mean a lo hei? Yes, he did. Somehow it's called a lou sang up here. I wasn't sure if it tasted any different though, and our team lunch today was our chance to find out.

Nope, it was pretty much the same thing, complete with the salad tossing ritual (cue: Chris Rock) as well as the rather unnecessarily sweet taste. We didn't even bother finishing this thing, and it wasn't cheap either.

But the good thing is that we were at Meng Kee (27 Jalan Juruaudit U1/37 at the HICOM Glenmarie Park), which presumably is the same Meng Kee as the one on Tengkat Tong Shin in KL. The char siew sure tasted just as deliciously fatty and caramelized. Next time we're here, I won't even bother with the chicken. Just stick to the yummy char siew.

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