Saturday, December 05, 2015

La Taqueseria at Food Garden in Tijuana, Mexico

Salmon Taco

There are a lot of these cool food parks in Tijuana now, and Food Garden was one of the first it seems (Misión de San Diego 2930). The concept sounds a bit like Makansutra Gluttons Bay in Singapore or Lot 10 Hutong Heritage Food Village in Kuala Lumpur, where some of the best street food vendors are selected to be here. Kokopelli was once here in fact, although it looks like they've since rotated out. I landed on La Taqueseria instead, formerly known as Taquesos y Papas. They apparently emulsify their salsas with egg whites.

I vaguely remembered reading about a smoked salmon taco, so I grabbed one of those, despite how odd it sounded. And indeed, it was different - in a good way, as the silky sauce went well with that creamy fish. I also grabbed a "New York" taco, largely because I had no idea what that meant and thus had the chance to learn. It turned out to be shredded New York steak with mushrooms; odd again, but actually pretty good. It was only after I looked it up now though that I realized I totally missed the fried cheese taco. I'm gonna have to come back.

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