Friday, December 04, 2015

Javier Plascencia's Mision 19 in Tijuana, Mexico

Grilled Octopus

It's probably kinda hard to make out what's in that grainy photo above, but it's grilled octopus, done up with elephant garlic, pistachio, chickpeas, burned habanero oil, and tomatoes. That pretty much epitomizes the cuisine that I was having south of the border tonight: Baja-Med, or modern (and usually upscale) Mediterranean-influenced food with everything - including the wine - coming from locally sourced Mexican ingredients.

This guy's restaurant on the second floor of the VIA Corporativo building (Misión San Javier 10643, +52-664-634-2493) is often referred to as one of the flag-bearers of the cuisine. I went for his classic six-course dégustation, my favorite two items of which had to have been either the scallop parfait (featuring avocado meringue, chiltepin chili, and pork crackling, among other things) or the risotto (featuring heirloom beans, huitlacoche, and mushrooms). Everything that they brought out tonight was delicious, with very attentive service to boot.

So how much did this fine dining experience cost? A mere 980 pesos (US$58), and that's inclusive of wine pairing! Now tell me that isn't the deal of the century. I'm gonna have to come back here for lunch one day, perhaps going a la carte with things like the artisan pasta that I saw on the menu. Or maybe I'll hit up one of his many other places around here, like that Erizo place. There is just so much to choose from around here.

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