Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Hoppy Bar by Hachi in Tanjong Pagar

Niku Niku Udon

The folks at Hachi have set up a new place on the former grounds of Sumire at Icon Village Altez (16 Enggor Street #01-02, 6255-9622). For lunch today, they were only serving one thing: this "niku niku udon." Unlike the thin sukiyaki-like meat used in a typical niku udon, this one featured cubed meat, kinda like a bowl of Taiwanese beef noodles. And it was delicious, especially when complemented with that grated ginger on top.

Still, I reeked of dragon breath given that it came with "lots & lots of negi spring onions" (and there was an option to top up with even more if you wanted it), so apologies to my office mates in advance if I stink when I open my mouth. I'll happily come back to this place again, and would in fact be curious to see what kind of delicious treats they serve at dinner time. But at that point I suspect that it will be much more expensive.

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