Sunday, September 06, 2015

Nam Loong Cafe in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Breakfast Set

We had no idea what this place was (1 Keswick Street, +852-3106-0820). But every time we passed by it, there was a line outside. It turned out to be one of those cha chaan teng, which serves local adaptations of Western food, like macaroni soup, Coke with ginger, or thick slices of buttered-up toast (actually, one story said that this place is more of a bing sutt, or a predecessor to cha chaan teng, although I'm not sure if I understood the difference). Anyway, I this breakfast set tasted like it looked: nothing special, but it did the job.

The more exciting thing was the fact that they had beef chow fun on the menu (available only after 11 AM), and also had a tub of chili oil on each table. Yaaay...after all of the failed attempts this week, we could finally get it. Their version used lower quality beef and more crudely cut onions than the one from last night, it still didn't have much wok hei aroma either. But it had the right chili oil, which was really the thing that we were after. Mission accomplished.

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ClearTear said...

bing sutt never use to sell meals, just drinks and snacks till competition from cha chaan teng so they had no choice.