Monday, August 31, 2015

Fu Kee Restaurant in Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Beef Chow Fun

I can't remember how I found this place; I think I did a search for the best beef chow fun in HK and these guys turned up (104 Fa Yuen Street, 2385-1230). Yes, the beef was tender, and they scorched it all in a wok just right.

But there was one huge shortcoming that will deter me from coming back: the chili sauce. That's right. The main reason why I like this dish is not even for the beef, but because those greasy noodles just go so well with some of that simple Cantonese chili oil.

And yet, these guys only had some kind of pinkish sauce mixed with mustard...and they even charged an extra HK$1 (US$0.15) for it too. Hopefully next time I'll find a place more like Yuen Kee or that place on Hennessey Road.

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