Saturday, August 22, 2015

Whitefin Wolf Herring Yu Sheng from Ah Chiang's

Whitefin Wolf Herring Yu Sheng

After a quick plate of noodles over at Ah Bong's, I needed some more food. What better than to head up to Ah Chiang's for a plate of their delicious yu sheng! When I got up there to order though, she told me that she didn't have the normal S$3.20 (US$2.30) version. She only had a $5.30 (US$3.80) plate of some kind of saltwater fish whose meat was supposed to be sweet. Frankly, it's hard to taste the fish when it's covered up by all of that garnish anyway, so I grabbed a plate, and wolfed it down so quickly that I proceeded to order yet another one after that.

It was only after I ate it did I recall that the government has issued some warning about eating yu sheng right now. And when I did a search online, I saw some stories posted just this morning about some poor guy who needed to have his hands amputated as a result of the bacterial infection. But the warning only applied to two other types of fish, if I read it correctly. I can only presume in retrospect that that's why she was pushing this pricier version instead.

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