Monday, July 27, 2015

My Third Time at Moosehead Kitchen-Bar

Deviled Eggs

I still have mixed thoughts about Moosehead. The deviled eggs above were the star tonight, as they were seasoned perfectly with a good splash of oil on it. But I didn't like the beef tongue, which was tender, but boring, and also a bit irritating given that they sandwiched some crunchy nuts in between it and a slice of bread underneath.

One thing that epitomizes it all was the grilled cauliflower, which in concept was very cool as he charred an entire head of cauliflower, complete with a delightful surprise of sesame seeds. But that sauce underneath was wayyyy too tangy. I guess these guys really like tangy food; that was basically my gripe the first time we came here.


Cherry Lim said...
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bma said...

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