Saturday, August 10, 2013

Moosehead Kitchen-Bar on Telok Ayer

Baked and Marinated Peppers with Manchego

I'm not sure why they named this place Moosehead (110 Telok Ayer Street, 6636-8055), as it wasn't a Canadian place. Rather, it was yet another small plates shop featuring a former chef from Foodbar Dada. You could taste it in his cooking too; nothing was of bad quality, but admittedly none of it got me too excited either. Some of this was because my tastes are more traditional, but some of it, like those peppers above, tasted more of the sour marinade than the peppers themselves. Oh well. I liked the concept of the place at least; indeed, everything on the menu looked like it was worth trying. But I'd much rather go to Lolla or Burnt Ends.


Anonymous said...

you're quick! this is a really new restaurant.

ceadsearc said...

i just visited moosehead for a second time and i must say some of their plates are really delicious - especially the grilled octopus; the smashed eggs; the sea bass; and the grilled asparagus. try it again next time if u have the chance!