Monday, June 08, 2015

Spize on River Valley Road, Singapore

Mee Goreng

These guys have been around for ages (409 River Valley Road, 6734-9194), mostly catering to the post-Zouk crowd, I assume. Indeed, the only time I'd been here before today was on New Year's Morning at 6 AM many years ago, eating something that I could hardly remember. But they recently refurbished into something that actually looks rather respectable. And we needed something quickly nearby tonight, so we went in.

Well, the good thing is that the mee goreng above was a greasy salty spicy thing that I would want to have after a lot of alcohol. But it's not like it was that much better than what one could get elsewhere, especially since those noodles were overcooked. The mutton briyani, which I was told sells out by 8 PM every night, was also a bore...and nowhere near Bismillah. I don't think I'll come here again when I'm sober.

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