Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Mee Goreng from EsTeler 77

Mee Goreng

This was the mee goreng from EsTeler 77. It was a total grease bomb, and being quite salty and spicy at that. I suppose that's why this stuff can be so fitting as a post-drinking snack.


Su-Lin said...

omg, I want one of those, please.

LIN said...

Hey there... i really enjoyed reading your food entries! great, now i've got new places to try be it in sin or when i travel.

btw, the jap supermkt is near your place eh?
that's my guess, hahaha.

Pete said...

All those unhealthy elements (saturated fats & sodium) rolled into one carbo-overload meal - I think I'll pass on this one!

EatTravelEat said...

Oily it certainly looks like it. The shrimp chips looks nice though.

`duckling said...

since it's already unhealthy, you should just have it extra sinfully, by ordering Maggi Goreng (seafood), along Serangoon Road, St. George Rd, Adam's Corner. their is not too bad.

almost the same stuff, except its using Maggi mee as suggested by its name.

Anonymous said...

So? looks great. I love ramen noodles, also. lived on the stuff for a while. ( mac n chesse) spagettie ( add tomato sauce), or spagettie corbonara ( add black olives). Hate to admit it, but I LIKE commmon food. Pretty Good stuff, I bet.