Sunday, July 05, 2009

Ramen in a Box from Japan

Sendai Uufuushin Shoyu Ramen

I picked up this boxed ramen on my last run through Narita, figuring that it might come in handy one of these days. It originated from some shop in Sendai, so I knew that it was going to be a step up from the foam-bowl instant stuff too.

But it turned out that the only things that were supplied in this box were noodles, soup base, and lard, leaving out all of the critical garnishes like chashu and menma. I ended up having to pick up a bunch of the other (perishable) stuff at a local Japanese market in order to make this thing complete.

Well, I liked the coarse noodles and rich soup base, and fortunately the pork that I bought was tasty enough that it helped complement the entire bowl, even if I bought the wrong kind of onions. But that took way too much time and effort than it was worth. I should have just left it to the pros.


EatTravelEat said...

Time and effort it definitely did :). Your bowl of ramen looks restaurant quality.

homeladychef said...

Another few more rounds of cooking, you will be OK. :)

Miso said...

I just opened up my bowl ramen (with hello kitty packaging) and to my disappointment, the content was like also what you had. Thought got some hello kitty shaped fishcakes