Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mee Goreng from Niakmath, River Valley

Mee Goreng

Here are some local stir fried mee goreng noodles from a random shop along River Valley (421 River Valley Road, 6235-4743). They were much spicier than I was expecting, so I gobbled this up pretty quickly, even if it ended up being a bit on the salty side.

Like most places on this part of River Valley, these guys are known for being open late, so I'm sure that it'd make for a nice spicy post-drinking grease bomb one of these days.


ClearTear said...

mee goreng with egg - aka mee goreng mata Lambu (not sure right spelling.

The chinese have their own mee goreng version, which is not so oily and slighty moist. Taste bit like hokkien mee fried with chilly.

omaritosan said...

i like to eat mee goreng but not the indian mee goreng..... What i like is the muslim mee goreng its a little bit dry and not saucy as indian