Friday, May 08, 2015

Phở Việt Vietnamese Cuisine in Joo Chiat


I was nearly ready to blow chunks after a number of drinks tonight. Somehow I was able to keep it all down after a walk around the block though, after which my mind started to wander over to some soothingly hot soup. "OK Google," I immediately said, after which it said that this place was the closest place serving phở that was still open late. I set my Uber destination and off I went (200 Joo Chiat Road, 8299-1238).

And whoa - that was unexpectedly good. Sure, maybe it was the alcohol talking, but seriously, that broth totally hit the spot, as it was crisp without being sweet. The gỏi cuốn were wrapped perfectly tightly, and that little cup of blazing hot chilis (and lemongrass chili oil) helped ease it all down my throat. Best of all, it was dirt cheap and came out in the blink of an eye.

To be sure, the bánh mì was a big letdown, with its soft and uninspiring bread, even if the fillings were fine. And this place was teeming with old men and their scantily-clad hostesses, so it's not quite a family least, not at this hour. Either way, I should probably come back here one day for a more sober reality check.

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Anonymous said...

should check out Long Phung, also on Joo Chiat road. was really disappointed with the pho in Singapore after migrating from Melbourne where there is a large vietnamese community, but Long Phung really is quite good.