Friday, March 20, 2015

The Mini Cheeseburger from Burger Joint at SFO

Mini Cheeseburger

It turns out that Burger Joint at SFO has a mini cheeseburger option, giving you a 1/4 pound patty rather than 1/3rd. Unfortunately, that also meant that the meat-to-veggie ratio slanted toward the latter, giving me less of that delicious grilled beef taste that I love so much about this place. Next time, I'll get the normal sized burger, which was only $1.50 more anyway.

Bánh Mì

And no, Burger Joint isn't doing bánh mì now. This was my stash from Dakao earlier this morning; I figured that I'd eat it while I had a proper place to sit rather than annoying my fellow passengers in-flight with it. The filings were fine, but the bread was a bit of a letdown, being a tad on the soft side. Maybe next time I should eat it on-site.

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