Friday, March 20, 2015

Dakao Restaurant in Downtown San Jose

Phở Tái

Man, I wish I had found these guys earlier (98 East San Salvador Street, 408-286-7260). They were just one block away from that weird Bo Town place, which meant that I could have come here that day for lunch instead.

Anyway, this was more of a bánh mì shop, but they also served a lot of other things, including phở and bánh xèo, the latter of which they interestingly called a "Vietnamese tacco" [sic]. They even had a row of frozen yogurt machines.

Perhaps more importantly though, they opened at 7 AM, which meant that I could come here for breakfast today. The phở above was minimalist but did the job, even if I didn't bother to finish the broth. I *did* however, make sure to get a bánh mì packed up so that I can eat it on the plane back to Asia.

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