Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bánh Xèo Đinh Công Tráng in San Jose

Bánh Xèo

When I did a quick search for some bánh xèo nearby, this stall at the Grand Century Shopping Mall turned up (1111 Story Road #1019, 408-280-1152). I'm glad that we came here; check out that huuuuuge pile of fresh green herbs that accompanied it. Sure, some of that repulsive fishmint stuff was buried inside, but once I steered clear of that, this stuff was easy to wolf down in a jiffy.

Someone also said that that the "#8" here was even better than the bánh xèo, so I blindly ordered it without any idea of what it was. It was only after I looked it up just now that I realized that it was "shaking beef," and it was much more tender and tasty than that nasty one that I had previously. Still, next time I'll stick to the bánh xèo, and maybe try the bánh khọt from the shop next door.

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