Tuesday, September 09, 2014

My First Taste of Vietnamese Shaking Beef

Bò lúc lắc

The guys at Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant have been putting up huge signs about something called "Shaking Beef." With a name like that, I couldn't help but be curious, so I got it today for lunch.

Unfortunately, the meat was so tough that I could hardly eat it. Maybe that was intentional though; after looking it up online, I found out that the name of this dish was in reference to the cooking style (basically, tossing small cuts of meat in a wok) precisely because the beef can be rather tough.

Well, fortunately the garlicky sauce was a lot better than the meat itself, even if ultimately the dish reminded me of something sitting in a warm tray at Panda Express. I'm not sure how authentic this was either given my previous experiences with these guys.

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