Friday, December 12, 2014

Seattle's MOD Pizza in San Jose

Jasper with Red Onions and Basil

Sometime ago, I recalled reading about this new Build-Your-Own-Pizza trend that had started up in the US recently. What was that? Basically think of a place like Subway or Chipotle with its assembly line of ingredients laid out in front of you, but in terms of pizza instead.

It looks like these MOD guys from Seattle (MOD being an acronym for Made On Demand) were one of the first ones to do it, if my understanding is correct. And they've since opened one at the new Village Oaks shopping center in South San Jose (5670 Cottle Road, 669-400-5375...whoa new area code!) on the site of the old IBM campus.

And yeah, I really liked it. Subway and Chipotle above are not the right analogies, as this food was actually good. I started with a pre-configured item and threw on a few other things that I figured would spice it up, all washed down with some fun sodas and brews that they had available too. I'll easily come back here again.

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