Saturday, December 06, 2014

Food Spotted at Stores in California Today

Buddha Hand Lemons

Here were a few interesting things that I saw at stores over here today, the first one being from Whole Foods. Yeah, these things are called Buddha Hands. I picked one up to check it out, and it smelled just like a lemon. I'm not sure how practical one of these things is for cooking with, but they sure looked pretty gnarly.

Global Hot Sauce Set

Then we somehow wandered into Cost Plus World Market, which in my mind has always been more of a place to buy wicker baskets and pint glasses rather than food. But they had an impressive beverage selection, as well as a lot of various shelf-stable foods from around the world, including jars of Singaporean kaya, interestingly. Separately, this hot sauce set looked rather interesting.

Juanita's Pozole

Then at Lucky supermarket, I saw these cans of pozole. I nearly considered buying one, but then I realized that a huge part of what I love about pozole is the barrage of fresh garnishes that surround it. So eating it out of a can isn't really any more convenient since I'd still have to spend time to wash and prep everything else. And yes, cue scenes from ¡Three Amigos! if you noticed the brand of that chili powder on the left.

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