Saturday, July 26, 2014

Crystal Jade Has Flavored Xiao Long Bao Too

Multi-Flavored Xiao Long Bao

Maybe this is nothing new (I wouldn't know since I hardly come here), but it looks like Crystal Jade is also doing a set of multi-flavored xiao long bao. They only had four flavors here, and interestingly, the red "spicy" one had cumin in it, reminiscent of yang rou chuanr. But otherwise it was nothing special, nor did I care that much for the egg dish in the background either. Paradise Dynasty did a better job of both dishes.

Fried Whitebait

There was one thing that was kinda interesting though, and that was this basket of fried whitebait. Sure, I've had it elsewhere before, but this one came out piping hot and crispy. Now, one couldn't really taste the fish in was just batter and grease. But that also made it something perfect for going with beer. I'm surprised that this isn't more common at pubs around here, kinda like salt and pepper squid from down under.

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