Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sydney Pub Food: Calamari and Schnitzel

Salt & Pepper Calamari with Chips and Aioli

So the office wanted to go to a nearby pub for drinks after work tonight. The beer selection was decent, but I guess the thing that has really fascinated me all day was how pubs in Australia seem to love not just pies, but something called "salt & pepper calamari" as well as chicken schnitzel.

I had a chicken schnitzel sandwich for lunch at a random shop earlier, and it was just that: a breaded piece of fried chicken. But this salt & pepper calamari thing was supposed to be "Chinese" in origin if I heard it correctly, and yet was basically just deep fried calamari (would you expect anything more from a bar snack?). It was fine but not exactly anything to make me go nuts for it.

I've been confined to way too much bar food over the past day or two and really need to get some fine dining (or at least fresh seafood) while I'm here this week...and perhaps some Lebanese chicken or even phở while I'm here. Luke Nguyen is from Australia after all, right??


Danielle said...

Get yourself down to Buffalo Dining Club.

Unknown said...

I've had "salt and pepper squid" in Chinese restaurants in San Francisco so maybe it isn't just an Australian thing.

Mojo_HK said...

Try Almustafa for some home cooked Lebanese food - on Glebe street. Generous portions at a reasonable price.

bma said...

Yes, but the point here is that they are being served ubiquitously in pubs rather than at Chinese restaurants. Not sure what other places in the world would serve it in pubs as such a common item.