Sunday, June 29, 2014

Paradise Dynasty: Legend of Xiao Long Bao

Signature Dynasty Xiao Long Bao

When I think of large local Chinese restaurant chains in Singapore, I usually think of Crystal Jade first, perhaps followed by Tung Lok or the even more difficult to remember Imperial Treasure. But hardly do I ever think of the Paradise Group. Sure, I've had a couple of very satisfying meals at Paradise Pavilion at the Marina Bay Financial Centre, but the prices there were so outrageously high that the food had better be good!

Some Crab and Egg Dish

So it was a bit of an epiphany for me today to realize how darned good the more mainstream Paradise Dynasty line is: much better than its aforementioned competitors, in my opinion. Sure, those multi-flavored xiao long bao are a bit of a gimmick (and still can't hold their weight against the much more refined ones from Din Tai Fung), but I really liked everything else we got, including that egg and crab meat thing above. I'll remember Paradise Group much more now, even if it's such a generic name that it's easy to forget.

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