Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya in Singapore

Bacon Asparagus and Wagyu Yakitori

That's too bad. We really wanted to like this place at the top of Orchard Central (181 Orchard Road #12-02, 6509-9618). It looked like it might have some promise when we skimmed the menu, and indeed, the first few things that they brought out to us (like some simple kyabetsu and miso) seemed reasonable enough.

But then they brought out the grilled items that we ordered, and things just slipped from there. The quality of the ingredients just wasn't up to scratch, and worse, they brought everything out to us at the same time (never mind the constant banging of that taiko drum, which should have warned us off in the first place).

It was only after I looked it up just now did I realize why: it's run by the same guys as Kuriya and Ichiban Boshi. Well, if I'm on Orchard Road again looking for kushiyaki and izakaya fare, then I'd much rather go across the street for a more satisfying meal at either Shinjuku or Shirokiya.

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