Monday, December 02, 2013

Shirokiya at Cuppage Terrace in Singapore

Shiitakato Eringino Aburiyaki

When I first heard about this place (43 Cuppage Road, 6732-8588), it was all about some kind of soy milk or collagen hot pot. It didn't sound that appetizing, but nonetheless I was curious. And yet it was only when I got down here tonight did I realize that they had so much more than that; it was basically an izakaya chain.

I thus skipped right past the nabe section and went for as many snacks that I figured could fit into my belly, including those grilled mushrooms above, as well as a delicious plate of chicken that I gobbled down in seconds. Now, the English translations left a bit to be desired, as witnessed by the "Sliced Tomato with Salted Rice Malt Dressing with HYALURONIC ACID Jelly." The front of the menu basically explained that it was something that made baby skin very soft, but somehow I think "baby skin tomatoes" would have been a much more effective name.

Anyway, I liked the place. It admittedly wasn't anything mindblowing (indeed, I'll pass on those tomatoes next time), and perhaps amusingly, they boasted about using local chain Mr Bean as their provider of soymilk. But I liked most of what I ate tonight so much that I'd come back again. I just need to watch out for the tab on those iPads given how easily I crossed the triple digit mark as a mere solo diner.

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