Thursday, June 05, 2014

Hana Hana at the Orchid Hotel, Singapore

Otoko meshi beef don

Teppei has finally opened his new yakitori extension (1 Tras Link #01-17, 6222-7363). Seeing how ridiculous the lines are at his original outlet next door, I wasn't getting my hopes up on being able to get a seat at lunchtime today. To my surprise, I breezed right in with no problem. Strangely, there were still people lining up next door, even though the two shops were connected and shared menu items.

Indeed, most people that I saw at the extension today ordered his bara chirashi, which I'm not really a huge fan of. And he still had his usual otsumami scattered across the countertop for you to nibble on. There were some other things available, like this otoko meshi above, but it was surprisingly tough, if marginally edible.

Now that I think of it again, the appeal for me about Teppei has never been the quality of the ingredients. It's more just that he serves unbastardized food at reasonable prices (and the man himself is a pretty nice guy). I'll still come back here at dinnertime some day to see if his yakitori is worthwhile. But I probably shouldn't get my hopes up too high, and just be grateful that at least it's easy on the wallet.

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