Monday, June 09, 2014

Flying Singapore Airlines Down To Sydney

They didn't call this chicken rice on the menu, and it wasn't, especially since that chili sauce was more like a sweet Thai chili sauce than anything (was it the same caterer as the one that United used?). I was more surprised that the seats on this flight down under were still the old ones without in-seat power. I can understand using these older seats for short haul flights, but would have expected them to have newer seats on this nearly eight hour flight. At least the leg room was a little better than I would have thought, despite being stuck in a middle seat in the back of the plane.

Incidentally, I had a chance to try JetQuay at Changi this morning. To my surprise, the food spread was much more limited than at the airlines' own lounges (no yummy podi idly here!). And I was a bit embarrassed to be riding on that golf cart, horning its way through the crowded terminal when I wasn't even running late. Well, for me the best part about JetQuay was just that someone handled your airline check in for you while you relaxed in the lounge. Friendly and attentive service at least. Maybe next time I might be able to spot a celebrity there or something.

Epilogue: BTW, next time I'm arriving at Sydney airport, I need to remember to go straight to the lane on the right despite it appearing to be the longest. It looked like it was for Aussies and Kiwis only, but those SmartGate kiosks took my US ePassport with no problem, making it much faster than the Express Path line that I originally waited in for about 15 minutes before giving up. Now that I've looked it up, the website says that Singapore ePassports should work too.

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