Monday, April 07, 2014

More Podi Idly From T3's SATS Lounge

Podi Idly

Man, I love these little things! And they really seemed to have cranked up the spices this time belly is nice and warm right now as a result.

The interesting thing was that I actually went to SQ's SilverKris Lounge first, especially given how much bigger, quieter, and ultimately nicer it is. But to my surprise, they had absolutely zero hot food available when I arrived at 4:45 AM. And with my mind (stomach?) thinking about these little mologa podi idly from last time, I immediately walked out of the SQ lounge and over to the cramped, overcrowded, and much worse SATS Lounge instead. I figured that they would probably be in full service mode given how United was directing their early morning flights there.

Fortunately, they had these things piping hot in the tray waiting there. I think I went back up to the counter at least three times to get more. Who'da thunk that I'd be looking forward to going to the SATS Lounge just for this??


insomnia said...

hello bma,
longtime reader, wanted to recommend an exceptional hole in the wall noodle spot in HK- definitely different from your average generic noodle shop.

Freshly made rice Yunnan noodles. You choose between 3 basic bowls- tofu-pork, beef, and oxtail.
they have a list of 20 different toppings, but only rotate 4 per day. I'm usually unable to order toppings if i don't go with a Chinese friend since I can't read Chinese. Anyway, amazing fresh rice noodles with great meat/tofu sauce (NOT soup, more like a ragout at the bottom, and meat/toppings on top)

Seriously one of the best things I've ever eaten. If you're interested in checking it out when you're next in HK- it's at Sham Shui Po, exactly at the corner/intersection of Yen Chow Street and Fuk Wing Street. You can use this place ( as a reference if you want an exact street number address, once you find burgerman, it's just in front of it (across Fuk Wing St.) look for the place with people lining up.

insomnia said...

oh,forgot to mention, they know how to throw down with them szechuan peppercorns!