Monday, June 16, 2014

Australia's Spanish Doughnuts in Singapore

Original Hot Churros 3 pack and Hot Chocolate

It must be a bit weird coming to this Australian chain when I had just spent last week in Sydney (not to mention getting churros in Mexico City the week before that!). But I kinda wanted to check this place out after dinner so I swung up to Orchard Central before heading to the bus stop just to see if it were any good (181 Orchard Road #05-01).

The good thing at least was that they were fried to order, making them come out warm and crispy. But that was a long wait (so much that my hot chocolate got cold), and the taste of these things wasn't anything that exciting. I suppose that it was better than those rock hard things that one gets at amusement parks, but I'd rather go to Mexico or Spain.

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