Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Granja-xocolateria La Pallaresa, Barcelona

From front: Xurros, Xocolata Espanyola, and Flam

Another morning, another chocolate shop. This one (11 Carrer de Petrixol, 93-302-2036) was just down the alleyway from Dulcinea, but it usually had a longer line to get in. Fortunately the line was non-existent today, presumably since the long weekend had passed, so we sat on down to get the usual xurros and xocolata espanyola.

This chocolate was thicker than Dulcinea, and also more bitter. I preferred La Granja as a result, but these guys did have a flan whose taste was much more sophisticated than what I'm used to. I was also quite happy with the torrades here, which was nothing more than just toast, but it was so light and crunchy that it was almost like a cracker.

It just came to reinforce my hypothesis that the only reason why I dislike bread is because I simply grew up eating poor quality mass-produced stuff. If I had grown up eating this and/or some crispy baguettes, I'd probably be eating a lot more of it.


jaren's mum said...

Its such a great day to start the day... yummy with hot choc and pastry...

Anonymous said...

Nice start for your day! I love everything you have in this photo, yum!

Kathy said...

Have you tried Bonjour Milk Bread available in supermarkets? (I don't work for them by the way).

Store them in the freezer and toast them when you need. Slap on some ham or pastrami or cheese with thinly sliced tomatoes and the smell is simply heavenly.

You don't have to cook. If you don't store them and want to eat them just out of the packet, just toast lightly or crispy.

It's the only sliced white bread I'll touch in any part of the world.

Kathy said...

There's this new place at Clarke Quay, with alfresco tables, #01-13, called Alegro.

They claim to have "authentic Spanish street food such as churros, filled baguettes and other snacks"

If you do pop by, do post a review.

Max mickle said...

This chocolate crispy baguettes looks so beautiful with the colors, I'm sure it'll be a big hit with the kids! Nice colors! Although I'm to a big fan of chocolate, this sure looks yummy! I'm normally the one that will say no to chocolate.