Sunday, March 09, 2014

Taiwanese Sanbeiji on United (not!)

Taiwanese Sanbeiji on United Airlines

Yes, I took a photo of the in-flight magazine. Why? Because I ordered this dish, and yet didn't actually get it. Apparently they started heating these things when we were getting ready to push back from the gate in Hong Kong. But then we had to deplane while they fixed a mechanical problem...and when we got back on board over six hours later, the food had gone bad already, with nothing left to eat but instant noodles.

So I can only imagine what this Taiwanese three-cup chicken was going to taste like (it was featured in the magazine because UA is starting Taipei flights again). And that was a pretty brutal nearly 40 hours door to door from Boston...I should probably fly Lufthansa via Munich next time (or Turkish Airlines or even Emirates?). BTW, United was serving cioppino in business class on the way out of SFO today. There goes my theory about soup in first class.


Dawn said...

As an avid follower, I am relieved to see that you are okay. Dawn - from Vermont

bma said...

Thanks for the concern. :)