Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cioppino on United International First Class

San Francisco Cioppino

Whenever I passed by the International First Class cabin on United in the past, I was puzzled. At a quick glance, those seats and screens seemed smaller than the ones in Business Class, making me wonder why one would even bother vouching for First. But after having upgraded myself this time, I definitely see the value now. Not only is it more peaceful with every seat having direct aisle access, but there are also storage compartments everywhere, especially if you get one of the window seats. Granted, it still doesn't feel like the huge palace that one gets on SQ, but this is definitely better than back when they still used 8mm tapes (cue: Mission Impossible)!

And the food? Yep, there was yet again soup in First Class. They not only started us with a decent mushroom brie bisque, but also surprisingly offered cioppino as a main course, even if it was billed as being in a "tomato-seafood sauce" rather than a stew. Of course, it was nothing like what one might get on the ground, but it was surprising to get bivalves still in their shells while in midair. One other interesting thing to note is that the service today was on par with SQ, if not better (never thought one would ever say that about United!). I'll happily use more upgrades for this next time I am lucky enough to be on a qualifying fare.

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