Sunday, October 30, 2011

Qantas Derailed My Lufthansa Upgrade

Lufthansa Economy Class Breakfast

Yup, that's an economy class meal. My upgrade request didn't go through today, as the long haul was heavily overbooked thanks to Qantas passengers scrambling to find other flights. Sure, they are on a different alliance, but Heathrow and Singapore are some of Qantas' busiest hubs. It's just my dumb luck that the decision hit on the day of my flight going to and from exactly those cities. All of the LH staff were pretty apologetic at least.

I believe that LH starts its new A380 service to Singapore tomorrow; I wonder if the seating capacity on that would have made a difference. I incidentally overheard a purser telling the airbridge staff upon arrival at Changi that they were the last 747. I thought I heard him say that he hopes that they go back empty but I wonder if they will take stranded Qantas people.

At least I got an aisle seat just in front of the galley, which not only allowed me to put stuff under my actual seat (rather than the seat in front of me), but also allowed me to recline my seat without worrying about cramping anyone behind me.

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