Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New England Lobster Company, Burlingame, CA

Dungeness Crab Melt

When I was first told about this place, I didn't figure it to be on a high priority of places to go to, especially when I had just come back from Boston last week anyway. Still, it was nearby tonight, and I figured that I'd go check it out. I wasn't getting my hopes up, especially given the industrial area that it was located in (824 Cowan Road, 650-443-1543).

So it was to my surprise to find upon arrival that it was at least two or three times larger than I thought it would be. It was brightly lit, and pretty much full of customers despite being near closing time on a Tuesday night too. I guess that I was expecting something more like that James Hook trailer in Boston, focusing more on selling shellfish rather than serving it.

They had big tanks of lobsters brought in from the east coast, but I focused on the local dungeness crab instead. And yes, I liked my crab melt above, especially on that sourdough bread. Next time I should remember to just get a half sandwich with a soup, and then going to the market side of the venue to grab some bivalves on the half shell.

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