Sunday, March 02, 2014

Arnold's BBQ at Farmart Centre, Singapore


I'm not even sure if that's really the name of this place; the Farmart website says that this place is called the 228 Coffee Stall instead (67 Sungei Tengah Road #43A). But when I tried to write the Chinese characters in Google Translate, it returned "Arnold," or anou in pinyin.

Anyway, this shockingly cheap S$4 (US$3.10) plate of fresh blood cockles paired with Tiger beer on ice was just the refreshing snack that we needed on such a scorching hot day. I kinda liked the otak-otak that the lady nearby was selling too...again at a shockingly cheap price of four pieces for only S$2 (US$1.60). I think the beer was more expensive than the food!

And this little Farmart village was kinda cool too. It seriously felt like being at some random village in Malaysia yet without requiring us to bring any passports. The prawn fishing area looked a bit run down though.

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