Tuesday, March 18, 2008

BBQ'd Prawns from Westlake Fishing Village

All of our hard work

That was fun. This wasn't a restaurant; rather, this was a grimey outdoor fishing venue (9 Japanese Garden Road, 6268-0604) featuring various man-made pools stocked with fish for you to catch on a rod, as well as BBQ's on the side for grilling afterwards. The rookies that we were, we stuck to the easier prawn fishing pool, which proved to be harder than it looked but ultimately still got us some decent results.

We threw our catch onto the fire with a liberal sprinkling of seasonings, including a spicy mix that I brought back from New Orleans. And how pleasantly fresh and firm the shrimp were! It wasn't a lot of food in the end, but it was rewarding given all of the effort it took.

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