Tuesday, February 04, 2014

My First Taste of Hünkar Beğendi

Hünkar Beğendi

I was over at Shaw Towers this morning for work and was totally starving by the time I finished. So I figured that I'd go check out Sofra again, a place that I haven't been to in a million years but seem to remember having a decent experience at. I grabbed this hünkar beğendi, which had some super tender cuts of lamb sitting on a bed of roasted eggplant. Yummm...I wolfed this thing down in seconds, especially with that piping hot sesame bread.

Granted, part of the reason why I liked it was because it was of the heat from those chili peppers, which I'm assuming was just an effort from these guys to cater to the local palate. But even without the spices, I would have loved this thing, perhaps even more than imam bayıldı. That reminds me...I think a more proper visit to Istanbul is in order soon. Why oh why did I not get those fish by the river last time??

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