Friday, December 25, 2009

Sights of Food Across Istanbul

Fish for sale

Man, I can't believe that I didn't come to Turkey earlier; there is food everywhere around here! Sure, most cities have some kind of a fish or spice market, but there was just so much that I wanted to eat here - and yet with such little time - that my biggest challenge was trying to eat in small enough portions so that I could still have enough stomach space to try everything.

Selling corn

Indeed, one of the things that I really just didn't have any stomach space for was all of the stuff being sold on the street, be it the bagel-like simit bread or the chestnuts and corn from a cart that were so common around here. And of course, döner kebap shops were all over the place here too.

Selling balık ekmek

And out of all of that, one thing that I really wish I had the time and stomach space for was balık ekmek, or grilled fish sandwiches that were sold at the lower level of the Galata Bridge. These things just smelled great. Next time I really should spend more time here than this one-day mileage run allowed.

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Anonymous said...


You MUST try these fishy sandwiches!!

The fondest memory of my 1 month backpacking trip across Turkeye was this fish sandwiches at the bridge.

And it was 10 years ago. I hope it is still the same.