Friday, January 17, 2014

An Afternoon Outing to Yilan, Taiwan


The local team here had an afternoon outing to the coastal town of Yilan planned today. This was a place that I was always kinda curious about, given not just the presence of a whiskey distillery (in Taiwan?), but also a focus on growing spring onions. Before getting there though, we stopped for lunch at some famous seafood place called Du Hsiaw Uyea (58 Fuxing Road Section 3), where they served a lot of seafood like those fresh headfat-filled prawns above. One pleasant surprise was a white-ish chicken broth that they gelatinized into cubes and deep fried; it was deliciously savory.

Green Onions

After that, we went to the Kavalan whiskey distillery, where we of course stopped for some tasting. I'm not a huge whiskey person though, so I was more excited about our next destination, a spring onion farm in Sanxing where we learned how to plant, pluck, and clean scallions, while also turning them into griddle-fried pancakes. Yilan is supposed to be famous for its spring onions; I wonder if that's kinda like Maui onions where the soil's composition is one of the things that make them taste better.

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