Thursday, December 12, 2013

Z'Tejas Southwestern Grill in Austin

Wild Mushroom Enchiladas

Strictly speaking, I guess this place is local, having started here in Austin (1110 West 6th Street
, 478-5355) before expanding to a few other states. But I never would have known that had I not looked it up, as its margarita-heavy picture-based menu seemed like a number of other Tex-Mex chains like Chili's. (I guess Chuy's would be a better local example?)

The food tasted like it came from a chain restaurant too, and those mildly sweet enchiladas above weren't anything that I really wanted to finish. But hey, our gracious hosts went out of their way to find us something local, and I even got a Dos-A-Rita (or here it was called a Beer'Rita) while I was at it.

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