Saturday, December 03, 2011

A Drink Roundup from This Run to the US

Neuro Drinks

Here's just a roundup of some interesting drinks that I saw on this trip, such as these lightly carbonated Neuro drinks that were just way too syrupy for me. I'll pass on these next time.

Sphere Shaped Coke

I also saw these sphere-shaped Coke bottles at Walmart. I didn't buy any, but it was interesting to see; I can only assume that it was a promotional thing made to resemble Christmas ornaments?

Dos Equis Dos-A-RitaProbably the most interesting drink of them all was this Dos-A-Rita, or basically a frozen margarita with a bottle of Dos Equis inverted into it. I believe the idea is for the beer to come out slowly into the margarita, but I drank the latter so quickly that I ended up having to pour the beer out into the glass afterwards. It was two drinks in one, but it was also priced at $10, which was more expensive than the plate of puffy tacos that I got along with it.

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